19 Mar 2012 Conference "The truth shall make you free"

"The Days of globality" Salerno, 24 March 2012 __________________________________ Il Servizio Diocesano per la Pastorale Giovanile, la Caritas Diocesana e la Fondazione Rachelina Ambrosini propongono agli studenti degli Istituti di Scuola Secondaria Superiore dell’Arcidiocesi di Salerno, Campagna ed Acerno:“Le Giornate della Mondialità” Locandina Per...

11 Mar 2012 Conference "The Earth in our hands"

The Celim Bergamo is pleased to invite you to the Conference

28 Feb 2012 Bringing agriculture to the dinner table: How culinary education and raw foods of good nutritional quality can play a role in promoting well-being and global health.

Philippe POUILLART, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Food & Health LaSalle Beauvais University (France)

FAO 7 March 2012, 10 am

India Room (A327)


With the aim of sharing expertise and knowledge related to FAO mission, the...

15 Jan 2012 Concorso Scolastico “Rachelina e i Giovani - 2012"

The Foundation Rachelina Ambrosini, an ERP partner, has launched a school competition for students of Italian schools at all levels. see:

13 Dec 2011 Sustainable food systems, food security and rural people capacity development

“Sistemi alimentari sostenibili, sicurezza alimentare e sviluppo delle capacità delle popolazioni rurali”

(Sustainable food systems, food security and rural people capacity development)

Monday 19 December 2011

Faculty of Economics “M. Biagi”, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia


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