The Globalisation of Asian Markets: implications for Multinational Investors"
Call for Papers. The 18th International Euro-Asia Research Conference  Venezia, January 31 and February 1st, 2013  Following a number of conferences held in France, Ireland, Norway, Japan, China, Spain, Indonesia and India since 1994, the Eighteenth International Euro-Asia Research Conference will take place in Venezia (Italy) on January the 31st and February the 1st, 2013. Research contributions addressing any aspect of The Globalisation of Asian Markets: implications for Multinational Investors are welcome. This topic may cover among others the following sub-topics: - Asia's Growing Consumer Markets: the rise of Asia's Middle Class; - Cultural differences in marketing and other management issues; - Relocation abroad and relocation back home: European and Asian experiences; - Developed versus developing countries MNCs in Asia: comparison of international strategies - SMEs internationalisation strategies - European and Asian perspectives - Impact of the global economic crisis on international business - European and Asian perspectives Besides this theme, other papers in the fields of economics and management with a particular reference to Asia may also be submitted. Bruna Zolin Università di Venezia Dipartimento di Economia Cannaregio Fond.ta S. Giobbe, 873 30121 Venezia tel. 0412349132 (diretto) tel. 0412349173/174/195 (segreteria) fax  0412349176 skype: bruna.zolin