.32 Organizational Structure

.33 Office of the Director (ESAD)

.331 Activities

.34 Comparative Agricultural Development Service (ESAC)

.342 Activities

.35 Agricultural Sector in Economic Development Service (ESAE)

.36 Food Security and Agricultural Projects Analysis Service (ESAF)

The Service analyzes food security and food aid policies, services the Committee on World Food Security, and carries out conceptual and methodological work on the formulation of comprehensive national and sub-regional food security programmes, identification and characterization of population groups vulnerable to food insecurity, design and management of national and sub-regional food security information systems, formulation of national disaster and drought preparedness plans, and estimation of optimum national food security stocks and management procedures. The Service also develops and updates appropriate methodologies, techniques and guidelines for programme and project analysis for all phases of the project cycle, to be applied in FAO's field programme, with emphasis on addressing economic, social and environmental concerns within the overall policy context of the country.

.362 Activities

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