Livelihood Support Programme (LSP)

The Livelihood Support Programme (see About LSP) has been a horizontal experiment in an essentially vertical organisation. Part-time cross-sectoral teams attracted to working with people-centred methods have been evolving ways in which livelihoods perspectives have been able to strengthen important aspects of FAO's work. Documentation from these efforts has resulted in the publications presented here.

LSP Publications

"If it's not documented, in five years it will be as if it didn't happen"
(David Palmer, FAO land tenure officer and LSP publications champion)

This website presents the Working Papers, Manuals, and Thematic Briefs produced by the LSP. Although the very first working papers were "state of the art" scoping studies on certain livelihoods-related themes, for the most part these publications document the methods adopted, key findings and lessons of the work undertaken by the LSP's eight inter-sectoral sub-programme teams in helping to integrate useful elements of livelihoods perspectives into FAO's on-going programmes and projects.

Each publication has been championed by one or more FAO staff members in association with FAO services, country representations, and projects, usually with consultant support and often in association with government, other development agencies and NGOs.

As an aid to the reader the documents have been grouped by theme, graphically in the "publications tree" on the right, by group titles on the left, as well as by traditional chronological order of publication. The thematic groups are especially helpful in identifying inter-related documents resulting from inter-related activities in a specific region or country. An example is Access of the poor to forest resources in West and Central Asia and Urban and Peri-urban forestry, documenting outputs from joint efforts with a major FAO regional programme (FOWECA - Forest Outlook in West and Central Asia) which successfully influenced the inclusion of livelihoods considerations of the poor in national forest policy for a number of countries in the region.

All the listed documents are available for downloading directly from this site. Limited numbers of hard copies, as well as a CD containing all the LSP publications, are available (while they last, October 2007) on request to