The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)


The concept

The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD) is developing the GET Prepared toolbox. The toolbox will include resources for contingency planners to assess and address gaps in different areas of preparedness for animal disease emergencies. GET Prepared is also aimed at facilitating networking between contingency planners.

The client interface

The client interface is shown as a wall. Each component of emergency preparedness is represented by a brick in the wall. The wall conveys the idea of building preparedness, and the bricks are block-style to show that the process is continuous. The colored layers represent the foundations and the different epidemiological phases of the animal disease event (alert – emergency – reconstruction). 

The tools

The tools include resources already developed by EuFMD e.g. EuFMDis model (multi-country FMD outbreak simulation model), FMD impact calculator and e-learning courses. New tools will be developed within the EuFMD workplan in collaboration with the European Commission and EuFMD Member Nations. During audits in Member Nations, the European Commission (SANTE.DDG2.F.2) has identified good practices and resources, and countries are asked to share these. Whilst existing tools are mainly for FMD, many of the new tools will be generic and adapted for similar Transboundary Animal Diseases. A number of the tools will be of use to countries other than EuFMD Members, though some will be tailored to meet European Union legislative requirements.

Assessment tools

The GET Prepared toolbox will also include assessment tools to facilitate the identification of gaps and areas for improvement in preparedness, such as rubrics, on-line tools including calculators or questionnaires, or checklists. 

Timeline and Prioritization of components

The development of the different components is prioritized according to the needs of EuFMD Member Nations. The GET Prepared toolbox was launched at the General Session 2021. Resources will be added progressively.

Access to the toolbox

The resources will be accessible by the EuFMD Members and other countries, taking into consideration intellectual property rights and the need for support to use the different tools.