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The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)

Training for EuFMD member states

The EuFMD training scheme for Member States is organized under component 1.1 of the EuFMD work program. Training is demand-led, and courses are held according to the interest of Member States.

Each Member State is allocated 10 training credits every two years and countries select training courses from a menu of options according to their particular needs. A training focal point is appointed by each country and liases with EuFMD on the selection and arrangement of training courses. The demand-led nature of training means that the exact content of each course can be adapted following communication with Member States.

Training Focal Points are kept informed of upcoming courses through regular webinars, newsletters and a dedicated section of the EuFMD e-learning website.

This table shows the training available to EuFMD Member States for the 2017-19 period. For more information please refer to the full training menu

Training Course

Training Credits


Real Time Training

3 credits for 1 participant

Practical training course on investigation of FMD outbreaks held in countries endemic for FMD. Find out more

Online FMD Emergency Preparation Course: English language

1 credit for 20 participants 

This online course is open for 4 weeks, during which participants must complete approximately 12-15 hours of self-directed study. The course gives a broad overview of FMD outbreak investigation, personal biosecurity and aspects of emergency response. Find out more.

Online FMD Emergency Preparation Course: Tailored National Course

6 credits for 120 participants

The standard FMD Emergency Preparation Course is tailored to the contingency plans of a particular country and translated into a national language and then delivered for 120 veterinarians (may include those from public and private sectors). Find out more

Workshop: “Managing a crisis”

4 credits for 120 participants

Repeat of a previously adapted national FMD Emergency Preparation Course. Find out more

Workshop: FMD Simulation exercises

2 credits for one participant

This is a blended course that aims at increasing the ability of Veterinary Services in Member States to manage an outbreak of foot-and mouth disease by effective emergency management and excellent internal and external communication. Find out more 

Workshop: “Putting FMD vaccination into practice”

2 credits for one participant

This is a blended course that aims at enhancing the knowledge of participants on planning for the practical implementation of an FMD emergency vaccination programme in a previously-free country setting. Find out more

Workshop: FMD Wildlife surveillance

2 credits for one participant

This is a course that aims at providing participants with a better understanding of FMD surveillance in wildlife, particularly by using non-invasive methods. Find out more.  

In-country support on FMD modelling

2 credits per mission

One expert on disease spread modelling will assist the interested country in order to progress in the development of national disease spread models. This support could include an evaluation for the adaptation of the European multi-country disease spread model.

Laboratory Training Course

4 credits for one participant 

This is a two-week course run by the Pirbright Institute (World Reference Laboratory for FMD). The course will provide a thorough understanding of current diagnostic techniques for FMDV. Find out more.