The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)


Would you like to access regular webinars, to connect to colleagues from all over the world working on similar issues and to be up to date with the latest FMD news and research? Then our EuFMD online networks could be for you!

Each EuFMD network organizes regular webinars, and has an online page on our EuFMD e-learning site. Joining the network allows you to access webinar recordings, take part in discussions with network colleagues in an online forum, and you will be e-mailed with notifications of upcoming webinars.

How to join a network

Please click on the linked highlighted section in the description of each of our networks. You will be asked to complete the "description" part of your site profile before joining the network. Your network membership request will be sent to our moderators and you will receive an e-mail once your application has been approved. If you are not yet registered with the EuFMD e-Learning website, you will need to register before joining the networks. This is quick to do by clicking here.