The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)

Pillar I

Improved readiness for FMD crisis management by members

The first pillar is founded on eight components. They assist in achieving increased European expertise in FMD crisis management and improved quality of national FMD preparedness training programmes, improved contingency planning, surveillance, especially in the Thrace region of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The activities in Pillar I one also provide for Improved emergency management capacity for FMD in the Balkan region, research outputs relevant to resolve policy issues, and provide assistance to emergency response operations. Better channels to communicate risk enables and improves early warning system.

The Pillar I programme has eight main objectives:

  • Provide training for Member Nations;
  • Improve contingency planning by members at European level;
  • Improve surveillance and management of FMD and other exotic diseases in the Thrace area;
  • Improve capacity for FMD in the Balkan region;
  • Research outputs relevant to resolve policy issues;
  • Earlier control of disease outbreaks through assistance to early response  operations;
  • Harmonize proficiency testing services for EU and non-EU members;
  • Improve early warning systems, risk communication and its uptake by Member Nations.