The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)

Pillar II

Reduced risk to Members from the European neighbourhood: Progressive Control in neighbouring regions

Pillar II of the EuFMD workplan is focused on reducing the risk to EuFMD Member countries from the European neighbourhood through the progressive control of FMD in the neighbouring regions.

EuFMD provides support to different European neighbouring countries in line with the PCP, designed to improve national capacity to manage and control FMD and assist progress in cooperation with regionally coordinated GF-TADs programmes and roadmaps.

The expected results under this pillar will mainly be expressed in terms of national progression on the Progressive Control Pathway (PCP-FMD). Each country in the European neighbouring region participates in the process for reviewing national progress, under the management of FAO and OIE.

The Pillar II programme has four main objectives:

  • Improve the capacity to assess the effectiveness of Risk Based Strategic Plans for FMD control;
  • Promote initiatives that provide improved disease risk information;
  • Assist the design, implementation and evaluation of risk based surveillance and risk based control measures, including vaccination;
  • Support the capacity building structures.

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