The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)

Pillar III

Promote uptake of the global strategy for the Progressive control of FMD

The Third pillar of the Commission's work programme follows a strategy for the progressive control of FMD to be implemented at Global level. It currently entails four components.

It endeavors to create an improved system for monitoring and evaluation of the progress of regional programmes on FMD control. The activities under Pillar III works to improve capacities, creating guidelines for application of the EuFMD, FAO and OIE Progressive Control Pathway for FMD (PCP-FMD).

The Pillar III programme has four main objectives:

  • Improve system for monitoring and evaluation of the progress of regional programmes on FMD control;
  • Improve capacity, methods and guidelines for application of the Progressive Control Pathway for Foot and Mouth Disease (PCP-FMD);
  • Improve international FMD reference laboratory services and their contributions to regional epidemiology surveillance networks;
  • Improve national and regional capacity for implementing Global strategy and the management of FMD.