The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the EuFMD meets twice a year. The Executive Committee, made up by eight Member Nations and FAO, OIE and the European Commission, agree to the EuFMD workplan. Thereafter, one member of the Executive maintains an oversight and guidance on the components development while the workplan is implemented by the EuFMD Secretariat. 

The Executive Committee is made up by a Chairperson, two Vice-Chairs, and one observer - elected by the Member Nations at the General Session - and governs the Commission between the Sessions. FAO, OIE and DG-SANTE participate as observers to all the Executive Committee meetings.

The elected member of the Executive Committee for the 2019-21 biennium are as follows:




Martin Blake (Chairperson)


Chief Veterinary Officer, Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine

Lajos Bognar (1st Vice Chair)


Chief Veterinary Officer, Ministry of Agriculture

Jean-Luc Angot (2nd Vice Chair)


Inspecteur Général de la Santé Publique Vétérinaire & Conseil Général de l'alimentation, de l'agriculture et des espaces ruraux (CGAAER) & Ministère de l'agriculture, de l'agro-alimentaire et de la forêt (MAAF)

Zoran Atanasov

North Macedonia

Director, Food and Veterinary Agency

Henrik Roest


Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer, Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Olev Kalda


Head of Animal Health Office, Veterinary and Food Department, Ministry of Agriculture

Chrysoula Dile


Head of Animal Health Directorate, Ministry of Rural Development and Food, Directorate General of Veterinary Medicine

Valentin Almansa Lara


Director General, Health of the Agricultural Production at the Ministry of Agriculture

Nihat Pakdil


Deputy Secretary of Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest (MoAF)

The reports of the Executive Committee are available here.