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Agribusiness and Enterprise Development

Photo: FAO REUAt national, sub-regional and regional levels, the Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, in close collaboration with FAO's Rural Infrastructure and Agro-Industries Division contributes to the development of agribusiness and agro-industries through capacity and institutional development for improved farmer-market linkages, value chain development, employment and livelihoods. It also advises on policies and strategies to improve agribusiness competitiveness, including fostering better coordination and linkages among business partners. FAO members are assisted with appropriate policies, strategies and methodologies for strengthening agricultural support systems and the delivery of services as well as technologies for production and post-production activities. These activities contribute to improved capacity in governments and support institutions, and they also empower farmers and rural entrepreneurs in the region to improve their position in the markets and value chains.

Focus areas

 Capacity building and support services development for improved income generation through crops, livestock and enterprise diversification and value addition and agri-food value chain development
 Promotion of coordinated linkages among producers, processors and retailers and improved market access through value addition
 Dissemination best practices for developing of equitable, efficient and sustainable value chain linkages and access to services by small and medium farms and rural enterprises
 Capacity building for creation of enabling environment to improve value chains coordination and competitive position of small producers and processors in the market place
 Generation and dissemination of information needed to formulate and develop informed programmes and policies for improved competitiveness of small and medium farms an agribusinesses
 Technical support and advice for development of support programmes, institutions and support services for smallholder commercialisation and improved competitiveness of small and medium agribusinesses
 Technical assistance in the fields of agro-industries and marketing as well as support to the development and strengthening of information and advisory services and capacity-building for improved value chain management


Agribusiness and Enterprise Development Officer: Stjepan TANIC

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