Regional Office

Animal Health and Production

Working in close coordination with the Animal Production and Health Division (AGA) at FAO Headquarters:

  • assists and coordinates a multi-disciplinary programme to promote new developments of the livestock sector in countries of the sub-region;
  • cooperates in formulation of livestock development policies with special emphasis on restructuring, modernization or revitalization of the livestock sector;
  • supports capacity building in animal production and health services;
  • analyses the economic and technical constraints to developing sustainable systems of animal production and associated animal products processing industries;
  • assists in the formulation of integrated livestock development projects and advises on all aspects from production to consumption;
  • cooperates with all relevant institutions and NGOs active in the subregion, in particular the European Association for Animal Production;
  • promotes the organization of, and participates in technical meetings with livestock research and educational institutions involved in the livestock sector;
  • assists in the identification and formulation of technical assistance programmes and projects and provides technical backstopping to the implementation of such projects;


Animal Production and Health Officer: Andriy ROZSTALNYY



National Food Agency capacity development workshop on brucellosis aspects for prevention and control

Within the framework of the EU funded "Support for brucellosis prevention and control in Georgia¨ -inception phase (UTF/GEO/002/ GEO) project, FAO organized the first National Food Agency of Georgia (NFA) capacity building workshop on brucellosis, focusing on prevention and control.
5-6 March 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia