Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU)

The WPW Board reviews and discusses recent WPW activities, future workplans, expedites follow-up activities and acts as an Advisory Committee between sessions. The WPW Board is currently constituted by seven elected Representatives from FAO Member Countries (including the Chair). The present Board, elected in 2009, includes representatives from of Italy, Albania, Lithuania, Poland, FYR of  Macedonia, Ukraine and Spain.  During their annual meetings, the Board members review and discuss the recent WPW activities and the future workplan.

Ms Marina Calvino
Gender Expert
Italian Institute of Agricultural Economics

Ms Oleksandra Borodina
Leading Researcher
State Organization Institute for Economics and Forecasting
National Academy of Sciences

Ms Teresa Villatoro López
Equality Area
Head of the sub-Department of Equality and Modernization of the Sustainable Rural Development, Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Marine Resources
Madrid, Spain

Ms Anna Xheka
(former Head of Equal Opportunities Policies Department
Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities)
Director, Institution for Progress - Albania

Ms Zivile Sukyte
Chief Specialist
Rural Development Department
Division of Coordination of Alternative Activities Measures, Ministry of Agriculture

Ms Monika Tyska-Solek
Deputy Director
Department of EU and International Cooperation
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Warsaw, POLAND

Ms Nadica Dzerkovska
Head of the Unit for Cooperation with Multilateral Donors,
Department for International Cooperation
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy
Leninova, FYR of MACEDONIA