Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU)

Launch of the flagship FAO publication
“The State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA) 2010-11” on the International Women’s Day Centenary

8 March 2011, Budapest REU Office

The theme for this new edition of the SOFA publication is “Women in Agriculture: Closing the Gender Gap” and reflects the continuing focus on gender that FAO has established as one of its major Strategic Objectives.

The FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU) organized three activities for the launch of this flagship FAO publication:
a) a press event with journalists from leading Hungarian agricultural newspapers to introduce the SOFA 2010-11 to the Hungarian media
b) a working lunch hosting ambassadors and heads of international organizations
c) an all-staff meeting to present the SOFA publication and celebrate the IWD with a gender quiz  

The press event was hosted by Ms. Fernanda Guerrieri, the FAO Regional Representative, with the participation of journalists from Hungarian agro-environmental newspapers, and FAO professionals from Headquarters and the regional office. Mr. Andre Croppenstedt from Headquarters gave a short presentation on the main findings and recommendations of the SOFA 2010-11.

The journalists and the other participants briefly discussed the situation in the region in terms of the role of women in the rural sector, their limited access to certain assets and resources, and rural malnutrition. The data on Europe in the SOFA publication were highlighted during this discussion. 

The general lack of available sex-disaggregated data in agriculture in our region was emphasised by the REU participants. Mr. Salar Tayyib indicated that, in its attempt to fill this data gap, FAO REU is currently undertaking an extensive data and literature research, with the aim of producing a paper on the status of rural women in Europe and Central Asia.

The SOFA working lunch was attended by a number of ambassadors, in addition to representatives of other UN and international agencies. The lunch was hosted by Ms. Fernanda Guerrieiri (REU Regional Representative) and Ms. Jutta Krause (Sub-Regional Coordinator for Central and Eastern Europe). Copies of the SOFA publication were given to all the guests, followed by a short speech by Ms. Fernanda Guerrieri on the content and the importance of the publication’s findings.

During the afternoon a special all-staff meeting and gender quiz was organized to present the SOFA 2010-11 publication and to celebrate the International Women’s Day Centenary.


Launh of SOFA in Budapest, 8 March 2011