Regional Office

Information and Knowledge Management

Working in close coordination with the Office of Knowledge Exchange, Research and Extension (OEK) at FAO Headquarters, REU Information and Knowledge Management Officer:

  • promotes the development of national and subregional agricultural information systems and networks compatible with FAO’s information systems;
  • advises agricultural research, education and development institutions to use more efficiently FAO’s information systems, databases and data banks;
  • works as OEK Capacity Building contact person in Europe and Central Asia,
  • assists in developing capabilities and networks for access to and sharing of information;
  • assists in the organization of, and lectures at, seminars, workshops and training sessions related to FAO information services;
  • organizes and maintains information resources and services suitable to the needs and tasks of the REU Office;
  • supports the development of Thematic Knowledge Networks in Europe and Central Asia (AgroWeb, ESCORENA).