Regional Office


Working in close coordination with the Investment Centre division of FAO's Technical Cooperation Department at FAO Headquarters:

  • facilitates sustainable investment in agriculture (including forestry, fisheries, and natural resource management) and rural development in developing countries and countries in transition,
  • strengthens national capacity to plan, design, implement and evaluate ARD investment. 

In the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region TCI's main thematic areas are:

  • Rehabilitation/modernization of large irrigation/drainage systems. (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan)
  • Provision of services to agricultural producers (including research, extension and rural finance). (Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan)
  • Market linkages and value chain development. (Armenia)
  • Land tenure and land registration. (Cadastre Development Project financed by the World Bank in the Russian Federation)
  • Institutional building. (Croatia Agricultural Acquis Cohesion Project)


Investment Officer: VACANT

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