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Rural Development

Photo: REUThe work in this area focuses on providing capacity building for rural development policy and implementation at local level. This includes also diversification of rural households’ income, for instance through the promotion of traditional and specific regional or local agricultural products (GI/GO), organizing expert meetings and discussions on various related topics (e.g. non-wood forest products), and support to technical assistance projects, for instance “Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development”.
One of the most important regional cooperation partners in this area has become the “Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group of South Eastern Europe” (SWG). The SWG was established in 2005 and consists of representatives from governmental institutions responsible for rural development. FAO collaborates with SWG since its establishment by organizing meetings, and elaborating and implementing joint projects.

Ongoing projects

  • Support to the Functional Review of the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institutions under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Croatia (TCP/CRO/3201 TCP-facility component 2)

The main objective of this small project is to assist the Croatian authorities to create institutions that are more efficiently and effectively delivering their support to agriculture and rural development stakeholders in order to make them fit for EU accession.

The objectives of this small assistance component are: i) to assess the potential of GI commodities and their supply chains; ii) to assess the potential demand of Ukrainian consumers for domestic GI products and Ukrainian GI commodities’ potential on export markets; iii) to elaborate recommendations and proposals for follow-up action to enable the Ministry for Agrarian Policies to implement policies in support of the realization of the GI potential in Ukraine.

  • Support for Establishment of Rural Development Networks in SEE countries (SWG joint project) (TCP/RER/3302 TCP-facility component 1)

The objective of this assistance is to prepare a project document for donor funding “Support for the establishment of rural development networks in SEE countries”, in order to assist rural development stakeholders at all levels in the SEE region to establish national rural development networks – RDN (TFYRoMacedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNMIK Kosovo)

The Joint Program has two key outcomes that will be achieved through a holistic approach of UN agency and partner cooperation. The project is implemented jointly by FAO, UNEP, UNDP, UNWTO and UNICEF.
Outcome 1. Legal and policy framework for supporting diversification of rural economy through tourism is developed and contributes to achievement of Millennium Development Goals.
This outcome is implemented at the national level by supporting the Government to:
1.1) develop a National Rural Tourism Master Plan and
1.2) develop a National Rural Development Programme, as well as by
1.3) providing guidance for public investments.
Outcome 2. Local rural tourism and support industries are better linked and organized; and local stakeholders’ capacity is improved for delivering services and products in line with national strategies.
This outcome is implemented at the local and regional level, in four target regions, and aims to provide support in local agriculture and rural development planning and destination development and management. A Joint UN Fund for Sustainable Rural Tourism will provide investments in three thematic windows:
i) Tourist Destination Development;
ii) Diversification of Rural Economy through Tourism; and
iii) Active Learning Tourism Investments.

pdfPresentation: SUSTAINABLE TOURISM FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT (by Karlo Puskarica, Joint Programme Manager, at NATIONAL STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING, Belgrade, 2nd June 2011)

Dr. Suzana Djordjevic-Milosevic, Rural Development Programme Officer (STRD), Ms. Snezana Kremic, project leader (NGO ‘Agroznanje’) and Mr.Goran Soster, PREPARE Coordinator, Zlatibor, Serbia, June, 2011.

First prize for the best practice in rural development initiative in Banat supported through STRD UN Joint Programme project
FAO, as implementing agency, played important role in this success, in cooperation with UNWTO, UNDP, UNEP and UNICEF, as well as with the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

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