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Pilot projects of the Kazakh extension project have been successfully delivered

Pilot projects of the Kazakh extension project have been successfully deliveredAt the National Forum on Agricultural Extension from 28-29 August 2013, which was organized within the framework of the Kazakh Extension Component of the Agrarian Structures Initiative, participants agreed to deliver three types of pilot project; namely a youth program, an aggregate wheat model training and a needs assessment training, to demonstrate the three key aspects of a modern agricultural extension system; namely, breadth, depth and local participation.
After the forum, between August and October 2013 the pilots were prepared, led by Dr. Stanley Johnson (National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy), Lead Consultant of the project, with the assistance of the Kazakh  National Agrarian University and KazAgroInnovation (the Ministry of Agriculture agency responsible for extension). The support that the two local partners provided was indispensable because of their local networks and knowledge, which were necessary for arranging locations, schedules and other plans.
The three wheat model trainings (depth), two youth programs (breadth) and two needs assessment trainings (local participation) were organized and completed between 21 October and 11 November 2013. 

Needs assessment pilot

Youth program pilot

Wheat model pilot