FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Agrifood trade policies in Europe and Central Asia during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

Virtual event (webinar), 21/10/2020 - 21/10/2020

Time: 13.00-14.30 CEST

This joint WTO-FAO webinar provides a platform for sharing information and opinions on trade policies that aim to address the impacts of COVID-19 in the agriculture of Europe and Central Asia. To support an informed multilateral dialogue on trade policies, it takes stock on and analyzes the different measures that have been implemented.

A series of measures were adopted in the region and elsewhere in response to COVID-19, many of which have been short-lived and have been lifted.  In this context, some of the countries and/or economic communities in the region opted for domestic support measures by providing subsidies and hoarding stocks. The virtual event will discuss the significance of trade in Europe and Central Asia, and the impact that different types of domestic support measures may have on it, particularly as the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic raise questions about the significance of trade vis-à-vis self-sufficiency strategies.

Key Issues to be discussed during the webinar

  1. Trade and domestic support measures implemented this year (of COVID-19), the problems these attempted to address, and their effectiveness.
  2. The role of trade policy for tackling short-term impacts (i.e. coping with COVID-19) vs. long-term objectives (building back better the agriculture sector through trade).

Opening remarks
Vladimir Rakhmanin, ADG, Regional Representative for Europe and Central Asia, FAO

Edwini Kessie, Director, Agriculture and Commodities Division, WTO

Gloria Abraham Peralta, Chair of the WTO Agricultural Trade Negotiations
Maximo Torero, Chief Economist
Alan Matthews, Professor Emeritus of European Agricultural Policy Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Tassos Haniotis, Director, Strategy, Simplification & Policy Analysis, DG for Agriculture & Rural Development, EC
Azamat Askaruly, Vice-Minister, Ministry of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan
Olexandr Zhemoyda, Director of Department on Multilateral and bilateral trade agreements of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine