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FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

International Symposium "Land Fragmentation and Land Consolidation in CEEC: A gate towards sustainable rural development in the new millennium"

Munich, Germany, 25/02/2002 - 28/02/2002

Meeting documents



Opening presentations

Farm Land Rationalization and Land Consolidation: Strategies for Improved Land Management in Eastern and Central Europe
John Riddell, Fritz Rembold, FAO Land Tenure Service

A framework for land consolidation
David Palmer, FAO Land Tenure Service

Land reform and land fragmentation and consequence for rural development in the CEE/CIS countries
Christian Graefen, Planning Officer - Land Management, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)

GTZ’ experiences in Land Consolidation in CEEC
Reinhold Thomas Bauerle, GTZ Thematic Group Land Management

Central and Eastern Europe country case studies

Armenia: Strategy for Land Consolidation and Improved Land Management
Karin Chluba, State Department for Land Consolidation, Baden- Württemberg; Einhard Schmidt-Kallert, AHT International, Essen

Bulgaria: Land Fregmentation and Land Consolidation in the Agricultural Sector
Diana Kopeva,Institute for Market Economics; Nivelin Noev, Policy Research Group, KU Leuven, Belgium; Vladimir Evtimov, Consultant

Czech Republic: Land Fregmentation and Land Consolidation in the Agricultural Sector
Zdenek Travnicek, Marie Stolbova, Jiri Nemec, Hana Horska, Jan Drlik, Radomir Koutny, Daniela Spesna, Zdenek Fiser - Research Institute of Agricultural Economics; Libor Cihal - Central Land Office, Ministry of Agriculture; Tomas Hemelik - Private lawyer

Georgia: Strategy for Land Consol Consolidation and Improved Land Management
David Egiashvili, State Department of Land Management

Hungary: Land Fregmentation and Land Consolidation in the Agricultural Sector
Szabolcs Biro, Endre Tanka, Erzsébet Tóth, Gyula Varga - AKII; Gabor Remetey-Fulopp - Department of Lands and Mapping, MARD

Romania: Land Fregmentation and Land Consolidation in the Agricultural Sector
Marioara Rusu, Violeta Florian, Mihail Popa, Popescu Marin - Institut of Agricultural Economics; Virgil Pamfil - Ministry of Justice

Western European country case studies

Denmark: Land Consolidation
Karl Aage Eskildsen, Head of Division of Land Consolidation, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

Germany: The right mix of instruments - land consolidation, land management and land banking in Bavaria
Josef Attenberger, Bavarian State Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Germany: Challenges in East German States
Andreas Drees

The Netherlands: Development of land consolidation from project objective to project instrument
Jack Damen, Senior Advisor International Affairs, DLG Service for Land and Water Management

Norway: Land Consolidation in a Special Court - Experiences
Per Kare Sky, Agricultural University and Land Consolidation Services

Portugal: 20 Years of Land Consolidation
Alexandre Abreu Lima, President of the Agricultural Association of Tras-os-Montes / Alto Douro