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Field Programme Management, Resource Mobilization and Communications Team

FAO field activities cover a range of tasks, from controlling animal or plant diseases across whole countries or regions to renovation of village grain storage to providing policy advice. The Organization has the expertise and experience needed to provide technical as well as operational support, with its technical staff comprised of agronomists, foresters, fisheries experts, engineers, nutritionists, economists, statisticians and sociologists, based at regional and subregional offices, and at FAO headquarters in Rome.

Field activities are funded from different sources. FAO itself is a contributor, but extra budgetary funding from donors, financing institutions and international organizations is driving force behind FAO's field programme. TCD web site contains more details on Funding for FAO Projects and Programmes.

Significant progress has been made over the recent years in decentralizing operational responsibility for projects at the country level. In the European and Central Asian Region, due to the lack of resident FAO Representatiativs (except Turkey), the operational responsibility for projects (excluding emergency and inter-regional projects) rests with the Regional and Subregional Offices. The field programme in the Region focuses on activities geared to assist the countries in their move towards market economies and their endeavor to revitalize their rural sectors. This implies working with all stakeholders in a participatory manner, from the small-scale farmers to staff in the various ministries.

The field programme team in the regional and the subregional offices is responsible for the day-to-day operations of complete project cycles, from inception to closure and contributes to field programme development in the Region. The field programme activities in Europe and Central Asia cover approximately 20 countries out of 53 member countries in the region, with more than 60 projects implemented in a given year with the total volume of delivery (project expenditure) in the last four years being between 6 and 8 million USD.

Project information can be accessed by selecting one of the countries where projects are under implementation.

The Senior Field Programme Officer, Mr Raimund JEHLE (REU) is overseeing the Field Programme Management, Resource Mobilization and Communications Team in REU and SEC, supported by the Programme Assistant, Ms Beata SOMOGYI (REU) where Project Operations and Field Programme Development is done by the Field Programme Officers, Mr Gerold BOEDEKER (REU), Mr Aghasi HARUTYUNYAN (REU), Ms Anastasiya IDRISOVA (REU), and Ms Melek CAKMAK (SEC). They are supported by Programme Assistants, Mr Balazs BARTAKOVICS (REU), Ms Eszter BARTHA (REU), Dumitrita HOLDIS (REU), Ainur KULZHANOVA (REU) and Ms Secil INSEISCI (SEC). The TCP Management is being done by the Programme Officer, Mr Goran STAVRIK (REU), Mr Agoston EGYHAZI (REU), supported by Programme Assistant Ms Viktoria TILAI (REU), Field Programme Officer, Ms Aijana DJUSUPOVA (SEC) and the Communication by Ms Sharon Lee COWAN, Communication Officer (REU), the Junior Technical Officer, Mr Gabor NAGY (REU), the Information Resources Assistant, Ms Ildiko POCZA (REU) and Ms Ozge DOGAN, Communication and Information Assistant (SEC). The team is also supported by Junior Policy Officer, Dmitry ZVYAGINTSEV.

Senior Field Programme Officer: Raimund JEHLE


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