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Photo: ©FAO/Glavonjić B.

Montenegro wood energy sector holds promise

12 November, 2014, Podgorica, Montenegro

Photo: ©FAO/Hakan Yayla

Istanbul photographer best captures family farming

13 November 2014, Ankara, Turkey

Photo: ©FAO / Inna Punda

Got yak’s milk?

10 November 2014, Murghab, Tajikistan

Photo: ©FAO/Sue Price

Ukraine gains expertise in diagnosing African swine fever

10 November, 2014, Kiev, Ukraine

Photo: ©FAO / Nemanja Knezevic / Northfoto

Floods hit Bosnia and Herzegovina - Photo story

Also available in Bosnian language

Photo: ©FAO/ Nemanja Knezevic

New e-learning course addresses gender in policy

04 November 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO / Ozge Dogan

World Food Day 2014 – Europe and Central Asia – Photo gallery

25 October 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Graphic: ©FAO/Anastasia Oliinyk

Ukrainian youth shine in global poster contest

04 November, 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO / Balint Fejer / Northfoto

World Food Day in Budapest a day to remember

16 October 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO / Ljiljana Isic

EU, FAO provide wheat seed to flood-hit Serbian farms

2 October 2014, Osecina, Serbia

Photo: ©FAO/Ivo Balderi

How much high-quality milk does Ukraine need?

30 October 2014, Kiev, Ukraine

Agroforum 2014.(Tony Alonzi's speach)

Agroforum 2014.(Tony Alonzi's speach)

18 October, Yerevan, Armenia

World Food Day 2014

Countries gear up for World Food Day 2014

8 October 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: Courtesy of Ministry of Agriculture of Romania

Romania strategy centres on family farms

9 October 2014, Bucharest, Romania

Graziano da Silva met with Kazakhstan’s Minister for Agriculture

FAO Director-General and Kazakhstan Agriculture Minister discuss food security on sidelines of COAG

1 October 2014, Rome, Italy

Photo: ©FAO/Giuseppe Carotenuto

Development of agriculture main target of Azerbaijan’s economic policy

9 October 2014, Rome, Italy

Photo: Courtesy of Ministry of Agriculture of Romania

Family farms take center stage in Romania

8 October 2014, Bucharest, Romania

Photo: ©AFP / PhotoNonStop

Uzbekistan, FAO sign cooperation agreement

7 October 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO/Vlad Ushakov

Aquaculture rebounding in Eastern Europe, Central Asia

1 October 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Foto: ©FAO/Marco Salustro

Moldova improving food safety standards

1 October 2014, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Photo: ©FAO/Jon Spaull

Caucasus, Central Asia beating back hunger

16 September 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO/Nemanja Knezevic

Donors lend support to Serbia’s flooded farms

12 September 2014, Loznica, Serbia

Photo: ©AFP/Andrei Aleksandrov/RIA Novosti

Belarus, FAO sign cooperation agreement

23 September 2014, Minsk, Belarus

Photo: ©FAO / Vasily Maksimov

FAO analyses impact of Russian food trade ban

12 September 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO / Olga Grebennikova

FAO project promotes modern crop management and pest control technologies in Kyrgyzstan

September 2014, Kyrgyzstan

Photo: ©FAO / Marijana Bozic

FAO-EU help reaches 400 more farms in Serbia

10 September, Obrenovac, Serbia

New statistical source on Europe, Central Asia

2 September 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO / Nemanja Knezevic

FAO helps Bosnia and Herzegovina farms recover from floods

5 September 2014, Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Registration opens for online course on WTO

29 August 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO / Marijana Bozic

EU and FAO deliver livelihood assistance to flood-affected Serbian farmers

3 September 2014, Trstenik, Serbia

ICN2 video



Report examines agricultural policy in the CIS in light of WTO commitments

07 August 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO/Igor Salinger

FAO brings practical help to flood-hit Serbian farmers

28 August 2014, Krupanj, Serbia

EBRD video

The EBRD and FAO support Serbia’s sour cherries

05 August 2014

Photo: ©FAO/Giulio Napolitano

FAO appoints new head of office for Central Asia

6 August 2014, Ankara, Turkey

©FAO/Jon Spaull

New agriculture strategy taking shape in Georgia

4 August, Tbilisi, Georgia

Photo: ©FAO/Igor Salinger

EU and FAO partner to help flood-affected Serbian farms rebuild

25 July 2014, Obrenovac, Serbia

Russia hosts phyto-sanitary seminar (in Russian)

30 July 2014, Moscow, Russian Federation

Photo: ©FAO / Omurbek Mambetov

Exotic quinoa makes its debut in Central Asia

14 July 2014, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

©FAO/Giulio Napolitano

President of Azerbaijan visits FAO

15 July 2014, Rome, Italy

Land fregmentation - Albania

Conference looks at land consolidation in Europe

1 July 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO / Olga Grebennikova

Crop technology is advancing in Kyrgyzstan

24 June 2014, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Photo: © FAO / Igor Salinger

FAO: 'Count on our help in flood recovery'

19 June 2014, Belgrade, Serbia

Photo: ©FAO/Joan Manuel Baliellas

Panel debates trade agreements in the CIS countries

25 June 2014, Halle, Germany

Photo: ©FAO/Sergey Kozmin

Kyrgyz aquaculture to get productivity boost

20 June 2014, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Photo: ©FAO / EBRD / Viktor Ljevar

Food production challenge: quantity and quality

18 June 2014, Belgrade, Serbia

©FAO/Giulio Napolitano

FAO names its representative in Tajikistan

12 June 2014, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

New countries meet hunger goals - video

16 June 2014, Rome, Italy

Photo: Courtesy of Ministry of Agriculture, Hungary

Hungary - FAO fellows receive master’s degrees

12 June 2014, Budapest, Hungary

©FAO/Balint Porneczi

Food safety risk communication in the spotlight

12 June 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: Courtesy of the Turkish Ministry of Food, Livestock and Agriculture

FAO and Turkey reinforce partnership for Central Asian food security and forests

4 June 2014, Ankara, Turkey

©FAO/Giuseppe Carotenuto

Moldova has a new Representative to FAO

11 June 2014, Budapest, Hungary

FAO top executive sees Uzbekistan food conference as key to boost agricultural production

6 June 2014, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Photo: ©FAO/Igor Salinger

Flood-hit crops and livestock at risk in Balkans

4 June 2014, Budapest, Hungary

FAO names its representative in Kyrgyz Republic

28 May 2014, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Photo: REU/Nora Toth

Innovation for the future of food

23 May 2014, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Photo: ©AFP/Elvis Barukcic

Flood emergency in the Balkans

23 May 2014, Budapest, Hungary

New e-Learning course on WTO takes shape

18 May 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo ©FAO / Vasily Maximov

FAO expert addresses wheat workshop

20 May 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Women’s land ownership lags in Western Balkans

15 May 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©AFP/Elvis Barukcic

FAO responds to devastating flooding in Balkans

20 May 2014, Budapest, Hungary


FAO upgrades its presence in Moldova

08 May 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Unemployed, or just unpaid? - Rural women in Azerbaijan, Turkey

15 April 2014, Ankara, Turkey

©FAO/Giulio Napolitano

Russia’s Permanent Representative to FAO presents credentials to Director-General

29 April 2014, Rome, Italy

Knowledge-sharing workshop

13 April 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO/Mugur Varzariu

Voices of civil society speak up at FAO regional conference

23 April 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Joint action needed to tackle massive global food losses

7 May 2014, Rome/Düsseldorf

Photo: ©FAO/G. Stavrik

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia bets on organic

23 April, Budapest, Hungary

Graziano da Silva awarded “Honoris Causa” degree by Bucharest University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

5 April 2014, Bucharest, Romania

Photo: ©FAO/Sergey Kozmin

Countries chart a two-year course on food, nutrition and agriculture across Europe and Central Asia

4 April 2014, Bucharest, Romania

Photo: ©IAEA/Louise Potterton

Agriculture officials condemn unnecessary loss and waste of good food

3 April 2014, Bucharest, Romania

Photo: ©FAO/Mugur Varzariu

From a numerical perspective...

14 April 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO/Balint Porneczi

Climate change, malnutrition, family farming and agri-food trade on FAO radar

2 April 2014, Bucharest

Europe and Central Asia not without nutrition woes

1 April 2014, Bucharest, Romania

Food safety project starts in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan

30 March 2014, Budapest, Hungary

New pest control techniques take hold in Armenia

25 March, Yerevan, Armenia

Azerbaijan donates scientific books to FAO

6 March 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Communicators receive training in pesticide awareness topics 

21 March 2014, Chisinau, Moldova

Regional meeting to look at future of family farms

20 March 2014

Food quality in Serbia focus of FAO / EBRD collaboration

10 March

Hungary kicks off IYFF

28 February, Budapest, Hungary

Partnership is theme of FAO-Netherlands encounter

25 February, Rome, Italy

Romania supports neighbors

27February, Budapest, Hungary

Ministers to discuss food losses and waste in the region

18 February, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: ©FAO/Giulio_Napolitano

FAO and EU to help Belarus reduce risks from dangerous pesticides

11 February 2014, Rome, Italy

Countries to cooperate to save Black Sea fish stocks

30 January 2014

Vladimir Rakhmanin, FAO AGD and RR

New FAO head for Europe and Central Asia takes office

24 January 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Workshop highlights risk analysis for trade in fish, crustaceans, mollusks

29 January 2014

Photo: FAO

Food safety and quality subject of public-private forum in Georgia

23 January 2014

GFFA panel: volatile food prices can be managed
17 January 2014, Berlin, Germany

Green Week looks at agriculture in today's world
3 January 2014, Budapest, Hungary

MoR signed for ERC

Memorandum of Responsibilities signed on the ERC 2014

10 December 2013, Bucharest, Romania

EBRD supports Kyrgyz food retail chain, NASH

10 January 2014

Photo: FAO REU

Stronger cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Commission
12 November 2013, Budapest, Hungary

Photo: FAO SSC

Extension of FAO Shared Services Centre Offices
8 October 2013, Budapest, Hungary

FAO/EBRD project to develop GIs in Croatia

FAO helps develop protected status for food products in Croatia

10 October 2013, Croatia

SZIU Godollo

Regional awareness raising on Integrated Pest Management in Eastern Europe

3-5 September 2013, Gödöllő, Hungary

Ministerial proposal against food waste

25 July 2013, Budapest, Hungary

Georgia among 18 countries to have succeeded on two hunger targets
16 June 2013, Rome, Italy

Photo: FAO Georgia

The EU first payment of its budget support to agriculture
(24 June, 2013)
EU supports FAO implemented programme to assist the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia

4 June 2013, Tbilisi, Georgia

Informal Consultation meeting for the European and Central Asia Region
25 May 2013, Budapest, Hungary


Replicating the success throughout the region

24 May 2013, Podgorica, Montenegro

MDG Azerbaijan

Post-2015 Development Agenda; Millennium Development Goals and Azerbaijan

30 April 2013, Baku, Azerbaijan

Mr Alonzi signs project agreement

Ukraine signs project agreement and signals interest in renewed cooperation with FAO (Project GCP/RER/040/EC)

23 April 2013, Budapest, Hungary

Armenian apricots

Apricot Collection Orchards in Armenia for Genetic Fund Preservation (GCP/ARM/3302 project)

8 April 2013, Yerevan, Armenia

CPF signed with TFYR Macedonia

The Country Programming Framework (CPF) 2013-2015 signed for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

14 March, 2013, Skopje, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

19th DWVG Forum on Georgian Agriculture:

FAO Representation in Georgia promotes the stakeholder collaboration
FAO-Georgia was a Co-organizer and a key presenter of the 19th DWVG Forum on Georgian Agriculture: Developments and perspectives hosted by the German House in Tbilisi.
20 February 2013

The United Nations and the Government of the Republic of Moldova launched the programme of cooperation for 2013-2017
Mr. Tony Alonzi, FAO Representative for Moldova and Deputy Regional Representative for Europe and Central Asia, was present at the Signing Ceremony

20 Dcember 2012, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

A technical gap in the cropping system can lead to the invasion of fall web-worm (Hyphantria cunea) – FAO supports Georgian Government to develop integrated pest management program

The outcome of the project is a Integrated pest management program with a recommended National action plan, that serve as a tool for policy development of the Government of Georgia and technical implementation by the National Food Agency.

"School feeding systems in APEC economies" Workshop - 28 - 29 June 2012, Moscow, Russia

The workshop hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and coordinated by the Social and Industrial Food Service Institute, laid the groundwork for strengthening and deepening of regional economic cooperation and strengthening the capacity of APEC economies in the framework of the development of its members.

Linking collaborative agricultural research and development in Central Asia and the Caucasus discussed at FAO Regional Office in Budapest

Dr Dyno Keatinge, Director-General of the World Vegetable Centre and Chair of a consortium of international agricultural research centers operating in Central Asia and the Caucasus under the aegis of the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), and Dr Jozef Turok, ICARDA Regional Coordinator, visited  FAO REU. (13 July 2012)

©FAO/Vasily Maximov


FAO and the Transformation of Tajikistan

There have been significant changes both in the role of FAO in Tajikistan and in the government’s attitude to agricultural reform. FAO has evolved since 2009 from an obscure provider of emergency support to a leading player in the process of agricultural reform.

Study tour of Ukrainian experts in Austria

FAO and the Austrian Federal Government help to improve the animal identification system in Ukraine: Ukrainian delegation participates in the study tour to Vienna

The project provided a valuable contribution to the further development of this field in Ukraine and its efforts to comply with the relevant EU regulations.

Irrigation projects in Kyrgyzstan


FAO has finished pilot innovative irrigation projects in Jalal-Abad oblast, Kyrgyzstan

25 local farmers were trained as facilitators and learned the basic principles of participatory approaches for the training of other farmers. The training of Farmer Field School trainers on CROPWAT and MASCOTTE are a key factor to ensure the sustainability of the project results. 

Photo: ©FAO Azerbaijan


Official Closure of the Activities of the project “Capacity Building in Rural Development for IDPs and Refugees in the New Settlements of Agdam District” (GCP/AZE/003/SWI)

As a result, the project has supported directly and indirectly, approximately 57% of the families living in the target area.
17 May 2012, Guzanli District (Agdam Region, Azerbaijan.

Photo: ©Government of Azerbaijan


Republic of Azerbaijan and FAO signed National Medium-Term Priority Framework (2010–2012)

This document indicates the broad commitment of FAO to assist the Government in its efforts to achieve national development objectives as described in the main National State Programs and Strategies.  
20 April 2012, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Photo: ©Government of Azerbaijan


European and Central Asian countries reaffirm commitment to ending hunger

European and Central Asian countries reaffirm commitment to ending hunger 20-04-2012 President of Azerbaijan calls hunger one of the “greatest curses of the 21st century”
20 April 2012, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Photo: ©Government of Azerbaijan


Estonia becomes first-time FAO donor

Funding for development assistance to countries from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus.
19 April 2012, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Photo: ©Government of Azerbaijan


Sustainable development goals hinge on hunger battle

"We cannot call development sustainable if we are leaving almost one in every seven people behind, victims of undernourishment," the FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said at the Organization's biennial regional conference for Europe.
19 April 2012, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Photo: ©FAO/Alessandra Benedetti


A new deal to rid Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia of obsolete pesticides

Twelve countries in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia will start working with the European Union (EU) and FAO to manage their vast stocks of obsolete pesticides in a partnership that was launched at FAO's headquarters in Rome.
12 April 2012, Rome


Animal identification and registration system in Ukraine
As a result of the project activities, specialists in veterinary medicine from the Kyiv, Donetsk and Volyn regions have started active work with the Registry. Also, control on animal movements has been significantly increased and prerequisites for a livestock product traceability system have been created.


VERCON: ICT Strengthening Agricultural Research and Extension in Armenia
In Armenia, the joint efforts of the Government and FAO have resulted in the establishment of AGRO.AM Network – a nationwide platform for communication and exchange of information and data betweenleading national agricultural research and extension institutions and professionals.

 Fisheries and Aquaculture in BiH (Photo: A. Peteri)

FAO's 2010-2011 Edouard Saouma Award - first time in our region
Bosnia and Herzegovina’s State Veterinary Office is one of the winners of FAO’s 2010-2011 Edouard Saouma Award for its outstanding contribution to the implementation of the Technical Cooperation Project for Strengthening Capacity on Aquaculture Health Management. (TCP/BiH/3101 (A))
See also FAO FISHERIES AND AQUACULTURE TECHNICAL PAPER No. 524 - Strengthening aquaculture health management in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dr. Suzana Djordjevic-Milosevic, Rural Development Programme Officer (STRD), Ms. Snezana Kremic, project leader (NGO ‘Agroznanje’) and Mr.Goran Soster, PREPARE Coordinator, Zlatibor, Serbia, June, 2011.

First prize for the best practice in rural development initiative in Banat supported through STRD UN Joint Programme project
FAO, as implementing agency, played important role in this success, in cooperation with UNWTO, UNDP, UNEP and UNICEF, as well as with the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Workshop participants in Tirana

Establishment of a virtual research and extension information and communication network in Albania
A workshop was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection (MoAFCP) and the FAO in Tirana. More about the topic at

Mr He and Ms Guerrieri visiting a farm

FAO high level delegation exploring stregthening support to Montenegro
FAO Deputy Director-General, He Changchui, and the FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Europe and Central Asia, Fernanda Guerrieri, paid a visit to Montenegro 25 - 26 May  2011.

International chefs judging during the Culinary Cup

Cuisine for development in rural Serbia
FAO as a lead agency implements the project titled: “Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development"  (UNJP/FRY/005/SPA) together with UNDP, UNEP, UNICEF and UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Serbia.

Improving lives of displaced peple in Azerbaijan

New income generating opportunities for internally displaced people in Azerbaijan
FAO is helping to improve the lives of displaced people by training “lead farmers” and introducing modern agricultural practices. Forty-five farmer field schools have also been established and have trained 925 participants in modern agricultural practices.

Young Farmer’s Club Members in front of FAO office in Dragash

Participatory development for farmers in Kosovo and Montenegro
FAO is helping to set-up Young Farmers’ Clubs, where young people decide which activities they want to organize and what training needs they have. Twenty-four young farmers’ clubs have been established in Kosovo and Montenegro.

Restocking of brown trout (Photo: FAO REU)

A fish restocking project in Bosanska Krupa, north western Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosanska Krupa is a town with about 25 000 inhabitants situated in north western Bosnia and Herzegovina. The rivers Una and Krusnica run through the town and there are several smaller streams running into these rivers.

Livestock market in Kotyank marz - Armenia (Photo: FAO Armenia)

Support for Abattoir Development in Armenia
The project goal is to provide safe meat and meat products and it focuses on small and medium sized enterprises that have the skills and equipment needed to produce, store and market meat products.

Photo: FAO Armenia

Assistance to brucellosis control in Armenia
As a result of the training and technical discussions, Armenian authorities and academics have a better understanding of brucellosis prevention mechanisms and issues.


Young Farmer's Clubs - change in youths' lives
Development Assistance to Farmers in Remote Areas of Montenegro and Kosovo (GCP/RER/019/LUX phase ii) project.