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Our office in Geneva

Staff at the FAO Liaison Office in Geneva (LOG) explain what they do and the importance of their activities for FAO. 

Staff at LOG are involved in discussions and interdisciplinary analysis covering important areas of FAO’s mandate such as international trade and food security, humanitarian assistance and the right to food. They engage in developing policies in interagency settings and helping to strengthen cooperation between FAO, the UN system and other key actors such as civil society, the media, as well as renowned academic institutions. This work combines diplomacy, advocacy and representation in Geneva based-fora.

Geneva is one of the main centers for diplomacy and international cooperation and a crucial platform for humanitarian and development affairs, with the presence of 28 international organizations, the seat of several UN specialized agencies including WHO, ILO, WMO, other important organizations such as WTO, the International Committee of the Red Cross and around 120 NGOs. In addition, Geneva hosts 170 diplomatic missions accredited to the UN. LOG’s everyday work aims at further capitalizing on the important outreach potential of the city.

 “Our goal is to raise FAO’s visibility and outreach in these areas and to positively influence policy discussions on issues which are at the heart of the Organization’s mandate”, confirms Ms Sandra Aviles Senior Adviser, Program Development and Humanitarian Affairs.

The Geneva office is also home to a  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)/FAO joint section  aimed at strengthening sustainable management of the forestry sector in Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and in North America. The work of LOG is closely aligned to all FAO’s Strategic Objectives, through the functional lens of outreach.

“LOG staff is engaged in numerous multidisciplinary activities and particularly within the UN System where we are concentrating on promoting FAO's main messages”, noted Silvano Sofia, responsible for partnerships and external relations.

 In addition to its daily monitoring/reporting function and substantive work, LOG conceives and organizes every year several high-level promotional events. In 2013, these events were related to the launch of the State of Food and Agriculture 2013 (SOFA 2013), the ECOSOC, the promotion of the Save & Grow publication, the presentation of a IASC study on preparedness financing, World Food Day, the International Year of Forests, and the International Year of Quinoa.

Housed within the premises of the Palais des Nations, the staff members of FAO in Geneva can be found here