LOG Mandate

LOG Mandate


The Liaison Office advises and assists, together with FAO Liaison Office in New York (LONY), in the development and implementation of FAO policies and decisions concerning enhanced FAO cooperation and partnerships with the UN system, between FAO and the United Nations and with other international organizations located in Geneva. It serves as the focal point for relations with these organizations.

In carrying out its tasks, the office works closely with concerned Headquarters departments/divisions/units.


Takes substantive responsibility in promoting the reflection of the Organization's policies and positions in the relevant discussion and decisions of inter-governmental and inter-agency bodies of the United Nations system meeting in Geneva.
Monitors, analyses and reports to FAO Headquarters, as outlined in Manual para. 116.61 below, on the policy implications of the outcome of relevant meetings and other developments, including the views expressed by the representatives of Governments, Secretariats and other relevant entities as well as recommendations for follow-up.
Represents FAO at UN system meetings, including those of the specialized agencies, the World Trade Organization, and various other bodies located in Geneva, and elsewhere as instructed.
Represents FAO at inter-agency meetings convened in Geneva, including those of the ACC and its subsidiary machinery. Assists in preparing FAO participation in ACC/OC meetings in close consultation with LONY and concerned units.
Responds directly to requests for various reports/contributions/information, particularly those from UN system and other organizations based in Geneva, based on input from concerned FAO departments/offices and/or LONY.
Maintains working relations with the secretariats of the United Nations and various organizations of the United Nations system and the World Trade Organization represented in Geneva.
Maintains contact with Permanent Missions to the United Nations in Geneva. Keeps them informed about major FAO policies and programmes and conveys to them the position of the Organization on issues of relevance to the work of the UN system.
Liaises, in consultation with concerned units at Headquarters, with inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, including foundations which are based in or near Geneva.
With regard to liaison with the UN Economic Commission for Europe on matters related to timber and forestry, the Liaison Office ensures close cooperation with the Commission.
Briefs FAO officials visiting Geneva on the latest developments concerning matters related to their missions, attends meetings together with them and provides other support as needed.
Provides information on food, agriculture and rural development issues to the public including non-governmental organizations and academic institutions based in Switzerland.
Undertakes other activities when specifically requested by Headquarters, such as possible liaison between FAO and the Government of Switzerland and other institutions based in Switzerland.