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16 Sep 2014
MDG target to halve proportion of world’s hungry still within reach by end of 2015
11 Sep 2014
Good weather boosts world cereal production – 2014 crop projections up 14 million tonnes
11 Sep 2014
Norway will provide 50 000 households with emergency livelihood kits
10 Sep 2014
India looks forward to FAO’s help in addressing emerging challenges facing the country’s agriculture sector

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30 Oct 2014
The FAO Office in Geneva will launch a series of "Food for Talks" highlighting the interconnections between agriculture, food and nutrition security and sustainable development. More information to follow soon.
16 Oct 2014
This year's World Food Day will take place under the theme"Feeding the world caring for the earth".
18 Sep 2014
Short and Medium Term Estimates for Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone
17 Sep 2014
Forests are ' natural' suppliers to a green economy. The sustainability of wood as a material is proven; the ecological functions and ecosystem services that they provide are undeniable.

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