LOG Mission & Main Areas of Work

LOG Mission Statement

Switzerland is the home of a large number of international organizations (IOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working on socio-economic issues of direct concern to the mandate of FAO. Some 25 IOs have their headquarters in Switzerland of which 22 are in Geneva. In addition, all other IOs with headquarters elsewhere in the world have strong representations in Geneva, as do hundreds of NGOs and country missions to the UN and the World Trade Organization (WTO). 

Along with New York, Geneva is currently one of the two largest centres for diplomacy and the most important centre for humanitarian and development affairs because of the presence of numerous IOs, including the headquarters of many of the UN Agencies, NGOs and the ICRC. The city is therefore a unique hub for knowledge and expertise in the field of international cooperation. Many of the activities of these organizations touch on agriculture and rural development, food security, nutrition, humanitarian assistance, and development issues that are of direct relevance to FAO’s mandate.

FAO Liaison Office in Geneva (LOG) is the face of FAO in Geneva and seeks to participate in relevant policy debates, to strengthen partnerships with sister organizations in areas of common concern and to ensure that the Organization's work and perspectives on various issues are well represented in relevant processes and initiatives taken in Geneva. LOG serves as FAO’s focal point for relations with these organizations, engages in substantive policy debates with them in areas of common concern, facilitates FAO’s substantive participation in collaborative multi-disciplinary analytical work and plays an overall information dissemination and advocacy role in the core areas of FAO’s work. Along with FAO Liaison Office in New York (LON), it advises and assists in the development and implementation of policies and decisions concerning enhanced FAO cooperation and partnerships with the UN System and with other IOs.

Through LOG’s activities, the international and local communities in Geneva gain a broader understanding of FAO’s mandate and its activities worldwide.

LOG also seeks to play a key role to ensure that the concerned departments and divisions in Rome are aware of issues of importance as well as dominant trends discussed by the international community within the various fora involving donors, UN, and NGOs representatives in the areas of humanitarian assistance, food security and trade, climate change, agricultural labour, and food safety. LOG shares information and provides analysis of the implications of Geneva-based thematic discussions that is essential for FAO’s strategic vision in the context of international cooperation.

On the communication side, LOG coordinates communication campaigns in Switzerland, organizes promotional events and activities particularly in relation to World Food Day special event, maintains close contacts with media regarding FAO’s activities worldwide, and disseminates press releases in collaboration with FAO counterparts. LOG also promotes awareness of FAO’s activities and programmes amongst Geneva civil society representatives and the academic sphere.

The wide range of LOG’s activities fall under the following broad categories: