Officina de Enlace de la FAO en Ginebra (LOG)

Últimos eventos

12 May 2011
Abdessalam Ould Ahmed, Director, FAO Liaison Office, made a presentation on reviving agriculture livelihood in post disaster contexts, focusing on the need to instigate multi-faceted strategies that address immediate needs along side the implementation of medium and long term activities. Using examples of FAO’s work in the field, the emphasis was on innovative approaches and methodologies, community-based capacity building and sustainable partnerships with local and national actors.
12 Apr 2011
Abdessalam Ould Ahmed, Director of FAO Liaison Office, made a presentation on Food Security in the 21st Century, in the context of GCSP’s annual flagship training on issues related to security. He talked about FAO's perspective and policy options to feeding the world.
06 Apr 2011
Abdessalam Ould Ahmed, Director of FAO Liaison Office, made a statement on behalf of Modibo Traore, FAO ADG, highlighting that the antimicrobial resistance is an issue of extreme importance to FAO, in relation to its mandate to promote food security in a globalized world while ensuring that food production practices meet safety standards.
21 Mar 2011
To celebrate the World Forest Day of the International Year of Forests, the UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section held a tree planting ceremony in the “Parc Ariana” which surrounds the Palais des Nations
11 Mar 2011
FAO launched its flagship report, the State of Food and Agriculture 2010–11 on Women in Agriculture: closing the gender gap for development. Under the auspices of the Human Rights Council session, FAO Liaison Office organized a press conference and a high level panel discussion on SOFA findings.