Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU)

Strengthening capacities for effective participation in Codex process and use of Codex standards, guidelines and recommendations

17-18 June 2010, Chisinau, Moldova

The FAO seminar has been organized by FAO. In-kind support was provided by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova through technical assistance in the preparation of the seminar and during the workshop. The National Scientific and Applied Center of Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health kindly hosted the regional seminar.

The regional seminar was attended by 25 participants, representatives of the Ministries of Agriculture, Food Safety Authorities/Ministries of Health, industry, universities from 4 countries in Eastern and Central Europe (Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania).   

The experts team, resource persons and support staff consisted of:

Ms Eleonora Dupouy, Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (FAO REU), Mr Jeronimas Maskeliunas, Codex Secretariat, Awilo Ochieng Pernet, Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

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