Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU)

Thirty-sixth Session of the European Commission on Agriculture

Yerevan, Armenia, 11-12 May 2010

List of documents

ECA 36/10/Report - Report
ECA 36/10/1 - Provisional Agenda
ECA 36/10/2 - Mapping and policy response to climate change impacts on agriculture and rural areas
ECA 36/10/3 - Challenges of water scarcity in the Europe and Central Asia region and recommendations for adaptation
ECA 36/10/4 - Improvement of rural livelihoods in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS through sustainable improvement in livestock production
ECA 36/10/5 - Income diversification for sustainable development of European and Central Asian rural areas - Role of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the Uniterd Nations
ECA 36/10/6 - Mainstreaming gender in rural development through ECA Working Party on Women and the Family in Rural Development activities

ECA 36/10/INF/1 - Provisional Timetable
ECA 36/10/INF/2 - Provisional List of Documents

ECA Documents