Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU)

Food Price Training Programme

27-29 February 2012, Tirana, Albania


Upon the request of the Ministry of Agriculture of Albania and with the support UNJP, the training on food prices have been organized by the FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia.
This training workshop was held in the context of the Project UNJP/ALB/007/SPA project in Albania for strengthening the capacities of strategic partners in selected technical areas related to food security and gender issues. Poor rural households are usually the hardest hit by food price crises, and women face particular disadvantages because of their lack of access to resources such as credit, land, technologies and infrastructure. The global food price crisis has drawn attention to the vulnerability of poor people to global shocks and to the need of improvement of protection mechanisms in many countries.
The training has been conducted by a tem composed of Guljahan Kurbanova, LTO; Liliana Balbi, Senior Economist; Valerio Tranchida, International Consultant on Gender; Mischa Tripoli, Junior Economist; Zef Gjeta, FAO Coordinator in Albania
The training focused on the impact of food prices on food security and nutrition, including global aspects, FAO price tool, as well as socio-economic factors by streamlining gender issues. In total eight presentations and a number of group discussions / case studies have been conducted. The training material was based on the country specifics, and was well received by participants.


See the Agenda of the meeting 

by Guljahan Kurbanova and Liliana Balbi