Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU)

RUSSIA IN WTO: Impacts on Agro-Industrial Complex

27 June 2012, Moscow, Rusiian Federation

Accession of the Russian Federation to WTO is a historic moment for the universality of the multilateral trading system.  In a legal sense, accession to the WTO encompasses a balance of rights and obligations and requires following up with institutional procedural rules.  Therefore, it has been initiated by the Chamber of Commerce, National Union of Food Exporters and other stakeholders of the Russian Federation and FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia  to orginize this joint the conference.

The conference is aimed to consider and discuss potential benefits and challenges for the country from the aspects of the agriculture sector and food industry.  It is well known that the agriculture and agricultural commodity trade are the most sensitive sectors requiring attention  for smooth transition and sustainability of farmers and rural population. A number of international experts and  country representatives will present their views in line with the WTO commitments and benefits taking into account specifics of the agriculture sector and related to food processing and food industry. It is also important to consider the issues of regional cooperation from the aspects of the WTO accession in terms of the agricultural commodities trade arrangement within the New Customs Union and Eurasian Economic Commission. For increasing awareness on lessons learned the experience of other CIS countries - members of WTO  - will be presented during the conference.

The event will take place on 27 June 2012, in the Congress Centre of the Chamber of Commerce of Russia, 6 Ilyinka Street, Moscow, Russia.

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More on the event (including presentations and photos) can be found at
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