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FAO REU on Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, Berlin 2013

International Green Week
Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2013
17 - 19 January 2013, Berlin, Germany

The Role of Cooperatives in Facilitation Investment for Agriculture Small-Holders in Transition Countries
Thursday, 17th January 2013

Food commodity price volatility, a higher frequency of severe weather conditions, and low grain reserves are all growing concerns for global food and agriculture. The food security of billions of households is at stake, and the need to build more productive, profitable and sustainable agricultural systems is urgent. 

The concerns of transition countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia are no different; they share the need for further agricultural development. Bolstering production to boost agricultural growth and global and domestic supply is the common approach to ensure food security. However, also in countries where smallholder agriculture is central to sustaining rural livelihoods, there is a need to invest in measures that increase farmers productivity and profitability, and ultimately lead to welfare gains. (More...)

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The role of agri-equity funds in transition countries: performance, risks and implications
Friday, 18th January 2013

Up to quite recently, historical evidence suggested that the progressive growth of global agriculture’s productive potential was sufficient to meet the growth of effective demand for food. This was particularly true before the emergence of biofuels as additional demand. It was therefore not surprising to register a long-term decline in the real prices of agricultural commodities up to the mid-1980s and near constancy afterwards until 2005. According to most analysts, world agriculture was operating in a demand-constrained environment, a situation that co-existed (and still does in many regions) with hundreds of millions of the world population not having enough food to eat.  (More...)

GFFA Working Meeting

Guidance for responsible investment
Friday, 18th January 2013

High level working session will be organized to discuss main perspectives and tendencies on agricultural investments. Main objectives of this panel are to view positive and negative consequences of different agricultural investment trends, and to discuss the case for international guidance and how governments, investors, civil society organizations and development agencies can use and further develop tools to make investments more responsible. (More...)

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