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National Food Agency capacity development workshop on brucellosis prevention and control

UTF/GEO/002/ GEO "Support for brucellosis prevention and control in Georgia¨ (inception phase)

5-6 March 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

Photo: FAO GeorgiaWithin the framework of the EU funded "Support for brucellosis prevention and control in Georgia¨ -inception phase  (UTF/GEO/002/ GEO)  project, FAO organized the first National Food Agency of Georgia (NFA) capacity building workshop on brucellosis, focusing on prevention and control.

The project is a result of an agreement between the Government of Georgia and FAO concerning the provision of technical assistance in support of Brucellosis control and surveillance in Georgia. The project is financed by NFA through the EU Comprehensive Institution Building Program (CIB). The project is been developed under the framework defined by the Georgia National Animal Health Program 2013-18, and the Animal Health Action Plans 2013-14.

The workshop brought together a number of animal health decision makers of the Government and FAO project team (FAO REU Technical Officers and national and international consultants). During two days all aspects related to the prevention and control of this major zoonosis in the country were discussed and experiences of combating brucellosis in EU and other countries of the South Caucasus were shared.

According to participants, the workshop was an important milestone in the process of defining a Georgian Strategic Plan for Brucellosis Prevention and Contro, which will be developed within Multi-annual Prevention and Control Programmes.