Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU)

FAO BSEC Business Council High Level Forum

Engaging private sector in agri-food chain development
20 February, 2014, Baku, Azerbaijan

FAO and Black Sea Economic Cooperation Business Council (BSEC BC) have a historical track record of collaborating with national public institutions and governments to enhance economic cooperation, FAO on a global and regional level and BSEC BC in the wider Black Sea region. The two organizations however are giving recognition to the need of more intensive participation of the private sector in framing the economic development process and the living linkages between public and private partners to make policies more efficiently put into practice.

The FAO/BSEC BC event aims to start regional discussion about engaging private sector in agri-food chain development, to provide a forum for member states to exchange their experiences on the status and challenges of agri-food sector development, and to share a vision on how to make better use of their resources by joint efforts in the future.


 Concept note

 Options for public-private partnerships in agri-food sector development in the BSEC region

  Challanges and priorities for involvement of private sector in agri-food chain development of the BSEC region

 Preliminary agenda