Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU)

Agricultural research and innovation systems in South and Eastern Europe enabling sustainable development in a resource- constrained world

Regional Expert Consultation
13-14 December 2011, Budapest, Hungary

This expert consultation will discuss policy and legal frameworks, institutional set-up in agricultural research, extension/advisory services, education, farmer organizations, their linkages, their information and communication needs in order to serve small producers and processors in their orientation to markets. It will deal with the transition challenges for agricultural research and extension services to enable innovations (towards AIS) and improve competitiveness, participatory learning and market-orientation of small producers and processors by use of information and communication technologies and communication for development tools (ICTs) for innovation in South and Eastern Europe. It will explore how regional partnerships and collaborative programmes can improve the agricultural innovation system in the region. Finally, it is believed that the expert consultation will contribute in assisting the Governments in South and Eastern Europe to bring agricultural innovation higher in their priority agendas in order to set up a ground for donor interest in this area.

 Meeting documents