Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU)

NGO/CSO planning session

Preparation of the FAO Regional Conference for Europe and Central Asia
Budapest, 15-16 December 2011

The intent is to establish priority areas of action as well as a sustainable, overarching  mechanism for FAO collaboration with civil society in the Europe and Central Asia region.
The potentially interested organizations and networks will initiate the process through the organization of a civil society consultation (16/17 April 2012 at the 28th FAO Regional Conference for Europe and Central Asia (ERC) (19/20 April 2012)  and 37th European Commission on Agriculture (ECA) ( 17/18 April 2012) as a preparatory meeting , to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan.
The planning session will provide background information on the preparation of the ECA and ERC, and will address CS attendance and participation at the ERC including the modalities to intervene as observers and presentation of a CS statement or other materials. The elements will serve to draft the programme of the NGOs/CSOs consultation at ERC, and assign roles and responsibilities for its implementation.

 Meeting documents


Draft Programme of NGOs/CSOs planning session


Annotated agenda


Provisional list of confirmed participants


Draft Agenda of NGOs/CSOs consultation in Baku, Azerbaijan 16- 17 April 2012


Suggested Quota system for selection of funded CSO participants


  • Ms Rappazzo and Mr Demes
  • Group work 1
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  • Group work 3