FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Celebrating food and nutrition on World Food Day

FAO was established on 16 October 1945. To commemorate this day, year by year, World Food Day reminds us about the pressing issues of hunger, malnutrition, and obesity.

In 2020, the COVID-19 global health crisis has been a time to reflect on things we truly cherish and our most basic needs. Eating healthy and diverse and maintaining our social connections has become even more of an imperative. Under the theme Grow, nourish, sustain. Together, this year’s World Food Day marks FAO’s 75th anniversary and, to this end, calls for global solidarity to help recover from the crisis.

For yet another year, FAO is reaching out globally via the popular instant messaging platform, Rakuten Viber, to bring about change in nutrition and people’s diets across the world. For the 75th celebration, the lovable fruits and vegetable stickers speak up for all the joy, excitement, and feelings we couldn’t always express in person this year.

The stickers are available again for download at no cost and for a limited period of only 15 days. The stickers are linked to an interactive and educational Viber community, named FAO World Food Day, where people can learn from FAO experts the nitty-gritties of healthy and diverse eating, as well as get inspiration to take on new sustainable habits.

Now, it is time to reach out to everyone and wish them a “Cherry good day!” with a sticker on Viber and join the FAO World Food Day community!

12 October 2020, Budapest, Hungary