FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Civil society groups to seek consensus on FAO regional issues

To make sure civil society has a voice at the upcoming FAO Regional Conference for Europe, a special civil society consultation will take place on 2-3 May in Antalya, Turkey, immediately before the Conference.

Participating civil society organizations will discuss cooperation with FAO’s Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, results achieved to date, priorities in the region for the coming two years, and next steps.

The agenda of the Consultation closely mirrors that of the Regional Conference, and was developed with a view to soliciting inputs from civil society organizations that will be fed into discussion during the Conference. After the Consultation, selected representatives will participate in the Conference, alongside high-level delegations from FAO member countries, international nongovernmental organizations and other observers.

In total some 60 people are expected to take part in the consultation – 17 from Western Europe, 16 from Eastern Europe, and 26 from Central Asia – representing a total of 53 different organizations. The constituencies represented will include farmers, pastoralists, fisheries, small holders, indigenous groups, youth groups, women’s rights organizations, and consumers.

“Cooperation with civil society is one of the most important aspects of FAO’s work,” said Darya Alekseeva, partnerships officer with FAO’s Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia. “Only a multi-stakeholder approach to the eradication of hunger and malnutrition can have sustainable effects in the long run. Collaboration between FAO and civil society has mutual benefits, and should continue to develop and strengthen.”

The Consultation of civil society organizations will give the different constituencies an opportunity to elaborate and consolidate their views on the different agenda points of the Regional Conference. Alekseeva noted that strict quotas were applied to ensure fair and balanced representation of all the main groups.

27 April 2016, Budapest, Hungary