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FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia
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FAO’s field programme in the Europe and Central Asia region focuses on assisting the countries as they move to market economies and revitalize their rural sectors. 

The field programme is active in 20 of the 53 FAO member countries in Europe and Central Asia. 

More than 60 projects are in progress in any given year, with a total volume of delivery (project expenditure) between US$ 6 and 8 million.

Programmes and projects

The field programme team – in the regional and the subregional offices and increasingly in country offices – is responsible for day-to-day operations throughout the project cycle. The team also contributes to field programme development in the region. 

Depending on each country’s needs and priorities, FAO field activities range from controlling animal or plant pests and diseases to renovating village grain storage to providing high-level policy advice.

Technical staff active in the field programme include agronomists, foresters, fisheries experts, engineers, nutritionists, economists, livestock experts, land use specialists, statisticians, sociologists and policy experts. Through the field programme, they are working with farmers, government officials and other partners in an open and participatory way.

Stories from the field

$3 million project targets Turkey’s vulnerable steppe lands
Farms and communities in Turkey’s Anatolian steppe will soon have help in coping with the damaging impacts of climate change. A two-year, $3 million FAO project – co-financed by the European Union and Turkey – aims to restore healthy ecosystems, promote environmentally friendly agricultural practices, and raise levels of knowledge among government institutions.

Georgia’s anchovy industry steps closer to international markets
With new standards of hygiene and food safety in place, the country can also look forward to exporting processed fish to international markets. State-of-the-art laboratory equipment, training for laboratory technicians and inspectors, and comprehensive regulations and procedures for seafood testing were provided through a recently concluded FAO project.

Serbian agriculture getting back on track
Eighteen months after floods washed away the livelihoods of thousands of farm households, Serbian agriculture is getting back on track – thanks to help from the European Union and FAO.
A second phase of assistance for central and western Serbia started in the summer and is now close to completion.

Countries plan future work under FAO-Turkey partnership
Much of FAO’s work on food security, rural poverty and forestry in countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia is carried out with support from the Government of Turkey. Planning future work under the FAO-Turkey partnership programmes is the subject of a three-day workshop taking place this week in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.