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FAO Statistical Yearbook 2014 - Europe and Central Asia

Cтраны СНГ и ВТО: вопросы сельскохозяйственной политики и государственной поддержки

Countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States: Agricultural policy issues in the context of the World Trade Organization

Woodfuel Integrated Supply and Demand Overview Mapping (WISDOM) for Montenegro

Integralno pregledno mapiranje ponude i potražnje drvne biomase kao energenta (WISDOM) - (Montenegrin language)

Agribusiness and Enterprise Development Publications

NEW volumes in REU Policy Studies on Rural Transition

A National training on Codex in Turkmenistan in 2013

Assessment of Agriculture and Rural Development Sectors in the Eastern Partnership Countries
(Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus)

Prepared under the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD).

FAO/WHO Regional Training Workshop on Codex Alimentarius

Effects of Russia`s WTO Accession on Agriculture and Food Sector
by Sergey Kiselev, July 2013

Влияние вступления в ВТО на сельское хозяйство и продовольственный сектор в России
Сергей Киселев, 2013 Июль

Small and medium agri-processing enterprises competitiveness challenges in Central and Eastern Europe
17-20 April 2011, Budapest, Hungary
Roundtable Report

Eastern Europe and Central Asia Agro-industry development briefs 2012 

IPARD Sector Analyses in Bosnia and Herzegovina
(GCP/BIH/007/EC) funded by the European Union

Countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States – Agricultural Policy Issues in the Context of the World Trade Organization

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