Regional Office

REU Policy Studies on Rural Transition

This series includes studies on agricultural policies in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Central Asia and Central Eastern Europe, but the list will expand as new titles are added.

New volume in the series

The Eurasian Economic Commission and the Unified Market for Agricultural Commodities within the Customs Union
Seminar Background Studies
“Experiences of the European Union in Creating a Single Agricultural Market”
23 January 2014, Moscow, Russian Federation

Attitudes toward the Lifting of the Moratorium on Land Sales and the Development of Land Markets in Ukraine
Zvi Lerman, 2014

Agricultural Cooperatives in Eurasia
Zvi Lerman and David Sedik, 2014

Cooperatives in the CIS and Georgia: Overview of Legislation
Zvi Lerman and David Sedik, 2014

Agri-Food Systems for Better Nutrition in Europe and Central Asia Mario Mazzocchi, Sara Capacci, Bhavani Shankar, Bruce Traill, 2014

Association of farmers in the Western Balkan countries
Goran Zivkov, 2013

Сельскохозяйственная обслуживающая кооперация в Украине
Роман Коринец, 2013

Agriculture and Rural Cooperation - Examples from Armenia, Georgia and Moldova
John Millns, 2013

Cooperative development in Central Asia
Zvi Lerman, 2013

Agricultural cooperatives in Israel
Gadi Rosenthal and Hadas Eiges, 2013

An overview of cooperatives in Turkey
Nedret Durutan Okan and Cüneyt Okan, 2013

Экономика экспорта зерновых в Казахстане: Перспективы и анализ экспорта пшеницы
Ошакбаев, Рахим, июль 2012

Экономика экспорта пшеницы в Украине
Ирина Кобута, Александр Сикачина и Виталий Жигадло, июль 2012 г.

Wheat Export Economy in Ukraine
Iryna Kobuta, Oleksandr Sikachyna, Vitaly Zhygadlo, July 2012

Issues Affecting the Future of Agriculture and Food Security for Europe and Central Asia
William H. Meyers; Jadwiga R. Ziolkowska; Monika Tothova and Kateryna Goychuk, July 2012

Агрохолдинги  России  и их  роль  в  производстве зерна
Узун В.Я. , д.э.н., проф., Шагайда Н.И., д.э.н., Сарайкин В.А., к.э.н., 2012

European and Central Asian Agriculture Towards 2030 and 2050
Jelle Bruinsma, February 2012

Потенциал роста доходов сельского населения Туркменистана на основе альтернативных сельскохозяйственных культур
(Crop diversification and rural incomes in Turkmenistan)
Иван Станчин, Цви Лерман и Дэвид Седик, Март 2011 г.

The Diversity of Agriculture in Former Soviet and Western Balkan Countries
Dr. Tamas Mizik, October 2010

The Feed-Livestock Nexus in Tajikistan: Livestock Development Policy in Transition (revised version)
David Sedik, October 2010

The Diversity of Effects of EU Membership on Agriculture in New Member States
Csaba Csaki and Attila Jambor, October 2009

Agricultural Recovery and Individual Land Tenure: Lessons from Central Asia
Zvi Lerman and David Sedik, October 2009

The Feed-Livestock Nexus in Tajikistan: Livestock Development Policy in Transition
David Sedik, October 2009

Sources of Agricultural Productivity Growth in Central Asia: The Case of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
Zvi Lerman and David Sedik, September 2009

Agrarian Reform in Kyrgyzstan: Achievements and the Unfinished Agenda
Zvi Lerman and David Sedik, September 2009

Farm Debt in Transition: The Problem and Possible Solutions
Zvi Lerman, December 2008

The Economic Effects of Land Reform in Tajikistan
Zvi Lerman and David Sedik, October 2008