Regional Office

REU Technical Papers

This series of technical papers written for the FAO REU in 2010, aim to present and analyse current policy issues, in particular policy response to the financial and economic crises and their impact on agriculture and rural areas.
The views presented in these papers are those of the Authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and position of the Regional Office.

Assessment of the human capacity development needs for, and gaps in, the Agricultural Advisory Services in Western Balkans
(Final Report - FAO technical cooperation programme facility project
“Technical Support for Human Resources Development of Agricultural Advisory Services in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and UNMIK Kosovo”)

The impact of the economic and financial crises on the situation of the agri-food sector in Poland
Written by Team of Experts from the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics - National Research Institute - IERiGZ-PIB in Warsaw

Policy Response to Challenges in Agriculture and Rural Development in the Europe and Central Asia Region - Sharing Experience and Enhancing Cooperation in the Region
Johan F.M. Swinnen and Kristine Van Herck
LICOS Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance, Catholic University of Leuven

The Diversity of Effects of European Union Membership on Agriculture in New Member States (NMS)
Csaba Csaki, Corvinus University of Budapest

The Impact of the Economic and Financial Crises on Agriculture and Food Security in Europe and Central Asia: a Compendium
I. An Assessment of the Impacts of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis on the Agrofood Sector of Central and Eastern European and Central Asian Countries
Written by research institutes of Hungary, Ukraine, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan
II. Impacts of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis of Food Security in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
William H. Meyers, Food and Agricultural Research Institute (FAPRI), University of Missouri
III. The Impact of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis on Food Security and the Agricultural Sector of Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Johan F.M. Swinnen, LICOS Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance, Catholic University of Leuven