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Romania to support neighbors at FAO regional meeting

Some 15 countries will receive assistance from the Government of Romania, enabling them to participate in FAO Regional Conference Week in Bucharest from 29 March to 4 April – under the terms of an agreement signed today.

The biannual Regional Conference for Europe is FAO’s highest governing body for the 54-member Europe and Central Asia region, stretching from the Atlantic coast of Europe to the Pacific coast of the Russian far east.
In addition to setting the course of FAO’s work in the region for the next two years, the Conference will discuss food losses and waste. Ministers of Agriculture present in Bucharest are expected to agree on ways of reducing food losses, boosting production, and addressing high volumes of food waste – especially in high-income countries. They will also debate future challenges and potentials for family farming.

The week’s events will also include the 38th session of the European Commission on Agriculture, a regional multi-stakeholder dialogue of the Committee on World Food Security, and an independent consultation of nongovernmental and civil society organizations active in the area of food and agriculture.

It is traditional that the host country of the Regional Conference helps finance participation by Member Countries in the region which might otherwise have difficulty sending a delegate.  Romanian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Daniel Constantin signed the agreement with FAO in Bucharest, with Assistant Director-General Vladimir Rakhmanin representing FAO. 
The agreement establishes a special trust fund totaling US$ 75,000, which will finance participation by the delegations of Albania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Georgia, Kyrgyz Republic, Montenegro, FYR of Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

27 February 2014, Bucharest, Romania