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The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia bets on organic

Photo: ©FAO/G. StavrikBy expanding and developing organic agriculture, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia aims to improve rural incomes and achieve other benefits as well.  

With the help of FAO, the country has drawn up a comprehensive National Plan for Organic Production for the period 2012-2017. The document – which includes an action plan – is available in both Macedonian and English, in print and electronic form.

The new National Plan is the fruit of a process involving extensive consultations, brainstorming sessions, stakeholder workshops, presentations, and circulation and promotion of a draft strategy. The process was supported by an assessment of the current situation of organic production in the country, which showed significant potential for further development.

Goals for the coming years include increased organic production for the domestic market, and the establishment of export links with other European Union countries.

23 April, Budapest, Hungary