Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU)

Report examines agricultural policy in the CIS in light of WTO commitments

book coverSix out of 11 countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States – plus Georgia – have joined the World Trade Organization since 1998. Four more CIS countries are now in the process of WTO accession. A new publication from FAO looks at the accession experience, and the policy issues that arise as countries work to meet WTO rules and commitments in agriculture.

Countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States – Agricultural Policy Issues in the Context of the World Trade Organization, whose principal author is economist Lars Brink, was commissioned by FAO’s Trade and Markets Division. It highlights issues that countries in the region commonly face during their accession to the WTO and looks at several specific cases.

Also included are policy recommendations and lessons learned – for consideration by CIS countries that are not yet members of WTO.

The publication falls under FAO’s Regional Initiative on Agri-Food Trade and Regional Integration – a package of activities designed to improve national capacities to deal effectively with the challenges posed by greater trade integration. The approach is to assist countries in developing a better evidence base on trade implications, improving national capacity to use this evidence, facilitating public dialogue on trade agreements, and supporting design and implementation of appropriate trade policy at country level.