Региональное представительство в Европе и Центральной Азии

Agrarian Structures

Regional Initiative for Europe and Central Asia

What is the Agrarian Structures Initiative?

The Agrarian Structures Initiative (ASI) aims at building a framework for policy assistance in the European and Central Asian Region for (1) increasing the inclusiveness of policies dealing with agrarian structures, and (2) promoting more inclusive policies connected with international agreements in the region, including WTO and the Eurasian Economic Commission.

“Agrarian structures” are the institutions of food and agriculture systems (including forestry and fisheries) from farms to final markets, including intermediary processors. “Inclusiveness” concerns how the structures are connected to markets, the source of rural livelihoods, and “efficiency” refers to their competitiveness.

It is the intention of the Initiative to promote viable policy options in the region that can be in the interest of the countries and can be channelled into future technical assistance programmes.

Agrarian Structures Initiative within FAO’s corporate strategy

In January 2012, the FAO Director-General launched a Strategic Thinking process with the aim of determining the future strategic direction for the Organization. A key aspect of this process was the elaboration of five main Strategic Objectives where FAO will concentrate its efforts in the future.

Each Strategic Objective has a corresponding programmatic regional initiative. These initiatives are one-year pilot programmes that represent a new way of work in FAO by linking headquarters and regional staff for work in the regions.

The Agrarian Structures Initiative is the programmatic regional initiative for Europe and Central Asia contributing to the achievement of the fourth Strategic Objective: “Enable more inclusive and efficient agricultural and food systems at local, national and international levels”.

From corporate strategy to regional initiative...

The Agrarian Structures Initiative contributes to the Strategic Objective of the Organization while being fully consistent with the regional priorities endorsed by the European Regional Conference in April 2012.

The first year of the programme lays the groundwork for further work in integrating smallholders into markets. It includes learning components and experiments for FAO internally. These components will be analyzed and modified after the first year, in order to integrate lessons learned.

In 2013 the Agrarian Structures Initiative comprises six projects that will be implemented in different countries of the region.