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Agricultural Trade Expert Network in Europe and Central Asia

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The transformation of agricultural markets as a result of political and economic transition in the post-Soviet countries was accompanied by the process of globalization and deepening trade integration both within the region and with external trade partners. These countries are often engaged in multiple trade negotiation processes at the same time, each with their own challenges and benefits.

Many European and Central Asian countries joined the WTO that helped enhance their participation in global agricultural trade. Now the region plays an increasingly important role as a supplier of agricultural commodities to international markets.

To facilitate generation and exchange of knowledge and to ensure that appropriate capacity development solutions are identified and applied, the Regional Initiative on Agrifood Trade and Market Integration established the Agricultural Trade Expert Network.

Who can join

The network brings together experts who conduct research, carry out training programmes and advise governments and private sector on issues related to agrifood trade and trade policy, including regional and multilateral trade agreements.

Why you should join

Participation in the Expert Network helpы experts strengthen their professional ties, share research findings and good practices. Our events have a high regional visibility and play the role of an open platform for knowledge sharing and professional development.

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