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REU publications on climate change


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Support the Elaboration and Alignment of Forest Policy and Action Plan to SDGs and Climate Change Agenda - TCP/KYR/3603

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Overview of soil conditions of arable land in Ukraine (Study case for steppe and forest-steppe zones)

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Agro-ecological atlas of the Republic of North Macedonia


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Sustainable Natural Resource Management under a changing climate

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Food and agriculture Key to Achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Europe and Central Asia

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Reducing Vulnerability of Agriculture to Climate Change in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - TCP/MCD/3503

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Healthy soils in Ukraine: 2019

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Recommendations for the establishment, regeneration, reconstruction, and maintenance of the shelterbelts in the Steppe and Forest-Steppe zones (in Ukrainian)

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Gender, Environmental and Social Policy of the Green Climate Fund

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No-objection Procedure for the Republic of North Macedonia

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Green Climate Fund handbook for North Macedonia

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Manual for the Operations of the National Designated Authority for Engagement with the Green Climate Fund

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Stakeholder Engagement Factsheet - Support for the management of an effective national coordinative mechanism regarding the Green Climate Fund

Source: GCF, 2019

No-Objection Procedure for Green Climate Fund Projects in the Republic of North Macedonia – Factsheet

GCF Architecture

The Green Climate Fund at a glance

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Reducing Disaster Risks and Strengthening Resilience of Farmers to Natural Hazards in The Western Balkans - TCP/RER/3504


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Policy analysis of nationally determined contributions (NDC) in Europe and Central Asia

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Comprehensive analysis of the disaster risk reduction and management system for the agriculture sector in Serbia

Comprehensive Analysis of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management System for Agriculture in the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia)