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Photo: ©FAO/Marco Salustro

FAO food safety project kick-start in Moldova

1 October 2014, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Photo: ©FAO / Vasily Maksimov

FAO analyses impact of Russian food trade ban

12 September 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Registration opens for online course on WTO

29 August 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Report examines agricultural policy in the CIS in light of WTO commitments

07 August 2014, Budapest, Hungary


FAO expert on Kazakhstan grain crop prospects
(in Russian)

30 June 2014

Photo: ©FAO/Joan Manuel Baliellas

Panel debates trade agreements in the CIS countries

25 June 2014, Halle, Germany

Food safety risk communication in the spotlight

12 June 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Photo ©FAO / Vasily Maximov

FAO expert addresses wheat workshop

20 May 2014, Budapest, Hungary

New e-Learning course on WTO takes shape

18 May 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Food safety project starts in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan

30 March 2014, Budapest, Hungary

Food Safety Conference in Tbilisi

23 January 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

Accession to the WTO offers new opportunities for agriculture in the CIS countries

15 November 2013, Kiev, Ukraine